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-hello welcome to i'm Anil and in this topic we cover "HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE FROM INTERNET " ?......

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earn money online?
 how earn money online?
earn money online how? 
to earn money from home ? 
earn money online games playing free?
earn money online by playing games

-many people have financial problem they need extra money for daily needs or some students like me has need pocket money or work for extra money , in this era extra income helps you to grow 
-you can earn 5$to50$ by working 2-5 hours it's upon you how you work, your idea and skill can improve in your earnigs

-some people thinks its easy but it take time and efforts this work is base on skill and patience.....
- there are many ways for making money online by doing some task or work...!

- many peoples  question is suggest me the best and easy way to earn money from internet? , how to make money online , earn money from home , online money earn........
-yess it is easy but starting days is difficult and many problems can demotivate you but if you are not-give-up then in a short time you will earn 5$ to 50$ daily by internet...

1). earn money from link & information sharing by social media

earn money by short links

- earn money from social media is the shortest and easy way to make money , if many people in your contact or you are in many social media groups then you can make money by link sharing....
- or join social media groups like fb - insta - whatsapp - pintrest - qoara etc. 
- copy any image or video or any link and make a short link via shortlinks sites 
-if you get 1000 views then you can make 1$ to 5$ if you get views from india then low cpc and if you target us uk and some other country's then your cpc is high and your earnigs double
here is some famous sites
1).shortkingo (old and trusted site)
2).adfly (high cpc) 

3).shortst (min 5$ widrow)

4).bitly (old and best)
5) (genuine site)

2).Affiliate Marketing sell or promote product and get commission 

earn money from affiliate marketing

- affiliate marketing is most popular way to make money. Affiliate marketing use by big websites and freelancers to make a hug money..
-sell product by links and get 10% commission ex:- if you sell 100$ product then you get 10$+ commission..

- even biggest sites run there affiliate programs to promote product and get commission

- Amazon,godday,flipkart and many company have a affiliate program
- this is shortest ever road to make money from internet just join and promote those in your groups...

3). sell photos (click and sell)

sell photos online

- capture images and sell those pictures online and get paid. this is not scam or fraud many company buy pictures for advertising and banner images and they find images on image selling sites and buy those images

- the reason to buy images is a copyright in internet lots of images but they images is copyrighted this is the reason why company buy images...

here is some sites for buy and sell images...

4). make/start a website and share information

- in current situation you are in this site because you need some information and i provide you this info. internet is a very big ocean of information and most of people use it daily and this is right time to start a site and share information convert in to money from home.
- this is a best way that i personal use this as you can see 😅.. this take a time to grow  and not a easy to make money from site but if you have any skill or knowledge of about anything then you can start a website.  this is a way to earn money online

- many ways to start a site if you want a way to create or start a site then read this article 
        how to start Website and make money from website?

5). start a youtube channel

- every person use youtube and watch videos.. but you dont think about why those people make a channel and create a videos and upload on youtube.
- youtube is a big platform for earn money many youtubers make big amount of money from youtube  if you want to learn how to start a youtube channel and make money from it then read my article 
        how to start youtube channel and make money from youtube?

- if you have any skill like dancing,actions,comedy, educational information ,tech tips and tricks, any solution related info then you must try on youtube once you start and grow you will see the potentioal of youtube.... and i bet you this is the best way to earn money from online

6). share education

- online learning is now the future. in 2020 covid has a big reason of Mass growth in online education and now this trend is increased....

- this is the best time to start teaching only if you have knowledge then this is a big opportunity for you to start online teaching...

- just 10-30 minute video is enough and some basic setup and editing is the key of success

- you can start your journey with YouTube or any other online education system.... 

- or you can start your own website for teaching and charge your customers....

- start in English language and get global student from United States and united kingdom and get highest paid

6). freelancing - be your boss

how to become a freelancer

- freelancing is a big and fastest growing trend.. freelancer work per hour and get paid by companies. 

- freelancer work from home and earn money from internet from home.

- freelancing is a skill based platform for those who have skill or talent like programming, editing, computer related work, database, cyber security and many more types works include.

- target global customer form us uk and get big commission

here is the best freelancing sites
3). peopleperhour
4). upwork

7). buy and sale domains

- domains and sell is a profitable business who have a knowledge about domains and find domain, expired domains, upcoming events domains , big demanded domains or other kind of information regarding to the domain name and purchase those domains and become a domains broken and make a hug money from internet online.

-this is the way to make money online fast

-if regular domail price is 5$ and after some time demand of this name domains is created then you can talk to him conversation him and make profit by 10× then you paid for buying this domain.....
- GoDaddy 
- hostinger
these are the best sites for buying domain
click to get a best deal on new domain (only at 1$)

8). watch video and earn money

-this the most hided and unknown way of earn money some apps offers this type of work to get a review of video and paid you for watching those video..

- "how to earn money online no investment" suppose this is a video topic just watch this video and give a feedback & suggestions and earn money by watching videos..

- here is a full detailed article on this type of work read this...

9). sell hosting 

- this is the most profitable way to make money online you just need a traffic and some knowledge about web development and boom you can start your business by showing ads via social media and marketing hostings offers template and advertising...

-join the affiliate programs of hosting provider and make a website or a  online store..

- it only works then your visiter buy a hosting and you got a commission 

- best hosting sites
- GoDaddy

10). Amazon Kindle....

how earn money online

- lots of people read novels,books and storys online. publish your own written book on Amazon Kindle and share your experiences or your creativity or knowledge and get money by selling books online..

-in this online word people chose online books for reading because every people have a smartphone and carry 24 hours . this is the big reason any where any time read this book..

- you don't believe Amazon Kindle books authors make more  money then other online content creator...

11). earn money installing Apps

 - many apps on playstore that pay for installing and register on apps, this is easy way to make money online everyone can do this just simple install and register and then uninstall it.

- i personal used this tricks for my pocket money when i was in school i will suggest one App that i used and most trusted and oldest ever app..
"TASKBUCKS" install from Playstore

here is a 11 ways to make money online or earn money online if any problems or suggestions then must contact us...

regarding any business inquires mail us we provide all services related to digital marketing

thanks for reading