Adsterra Review | adsterra payment proof | how much adsterra pay per 1000 views?

What is adsterra?

adsterra is one of the best ads serving platform that provide Many ads format and you can earn by showing ads on your blog or site. adsterra is genuine and higb quality ads network.

Adsterra earnigs proof


How to get adsterra approval?

the best part of adsterra is no approval required any types of blog can easily set ads on their blogs. there is no Criteria for approval. any new or old blog can use adsterra.

is adsterra is fake?

no adsterra is old and good Adsnetwork. adsterra gain Good reviews from many sites and i personally used this network. in this article i show my Earning proof adsterra .

payment proof adstera or adsterra earnings proof.

in this article i give full proof and screenshots read this article till end this was helpful for you.

Adsterra vs Adsense !

adsense is provide high cpc compare to all the adsnetwork and high quality ads. so adsense is best.

adseterra cpm rate ?

cpm base on the country. us uk gives more cpm. adsterra does not provide any information about rates.

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Adsterra review

many adsnetwork available but why choose adsterra? because of ads format. this site provide best ads format that no one can provide. this ads network provide banner ads that no one can provide. there is many formate

  • Adsterra earnigs proof
    Leader bord
  • rectangle
  • skyscraper
  • interstitials
  • pre roll video
  • popunder
  • direct link
  • push notification

Ads size-

adsterra review 2021


i used adsterra when i didn't have adsense and my experience with adsterra is well good because i don't have organic traffic i use social media to get traffic. this network best for new bloggers because it need no traffic, no high domain require. just sign up and start earnings.

adsterra is one of the largest company on advertising network because of ads format and easy payout.  recommend to use this network.

this network base on cpm and cpc.

cpc(cost per mile).  per 1,000 impression get $1

cpc(cost per click). if user click the ad then you get paid.

Payment proof adsterra or earning proof adsterra 2021

i made $3.30 in just 2 weeks as you can see in screenshot..

adsterra payment proof
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adsterra review and earnings

as you can see adsterra is gives not much cpm because of my Websites have not organic traffic i used social media to get traffic. and that's the reason of low cpm and cpc rates.

but if your site have such a small amount of traffic then must use this network and also use social media to get more impresiions.

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i recommend you to set all types of  format minimum 1 ad and maximum 3 ads per format.

if you put Lot's of ads in one page then cpm rate is decreasing use less ads and give instructions to user to clicks on ads.

Minimum payout.

for Paypal (100$) minimum balance need.

for bitcoin (100$) minimum balance need.

for paxum (5$) minimum balance need.

for webmoney (5$) minimum balance need.

for bank transfer (1000$) minimum balance need.


adsterra is best ads network if your blog is new and social media traffic. 

after your site 6 months old and some organic traffic then remove all ads from your blog and Appy for adsense.

see how to reset account without password

I hope this was helpful and earning proof was motivated you.

happy to see you. thank you.