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Best Ad network for new blogger | my journey and experience with Adsnetwork | niljadav

- hello Happy to see you. In this article i will share my experience as a new blogger.

i know you are finding best ads network which has no need approval. no traffic. 0 traffic you will get approval.

in my past experiences i used different ads network and many affiliate programs. 

for traffic i use social media, Quora and many sources. 1 year of hard work and watching many videos, reading articles and implement in my blog.

monthly traffic on my blog is Around 1k. and earnings in points like 0.001 But wait... 

after 8 months of wasting time when my blog gots organic traffic via Google results is unbelievable. for get traffic on your blog read this article " 10 way to get traffic from search engines ".

third party adnetwork earnings is low but in 1k impression on blog generate half dollar.

and finally i apply for Adsense and my site is approved......... read this article what kinds of Adsense problem and issue i faced and how i solve.

note:- this article is not promote any site. listed sites is genuine and trusted sites. i used this sites after recommend you..


best ads network for new blogs

one thing i clear Adsense is best adnetwork there is no Adsense alternative but in new blogs case AdSense is not available or not approve.

new blog can use those adnetwork and earn some money like me i used 6 months of this third party adnetworks. 

  in this article we cover some best ads network for new blogger.

  • no approval needed
  • no traffic required
  • no content or less content
  • high paying
  • genuine 
  • min $5 payout
  • trusted
  • no ads limits

1. popads

new blogger first find best ads serving network with high cpc rates. then popads is the best alternative to Adsense because its fast approval no traffic required.

popads is the old and a trusted ads network i personally used and best experience with the popads.

popads is a on click popunder ads network. user clicks any where then script redirect to the another page in new tab and this network pay for impression.

 it support social media traffic or other kind of traffic source that not from search engines.

no traffic doesn't mean that no traffic and your site generate revenue. it means no traffic need to approve time. but earnings base on impression and clicks.
 popads is the biggest ads serving platform that allows to any category of site and start serving ads.

popads Has many types of ad format but new blogs can use push notifications, popup-ads and direct links to get impression.

 popads minimum payout 5$ in paypal and bank transfer need minimum $100.

here is my new site earning screenshot..
popads earnings

     2. adsterra

adsterra Is popular Banner ads network with high cpc rate compare to other network because unlimited ads placement in one page...

adsterra is the only network that provides banner ad unit.. 

no need to approval no traffic need.. new sites easily approved and start serving ads.

note:- it provides many ads but adults ads is on this network you can disable but adults ads make more revenue compare to other units..

5$ payout minimum for paypal and others.. wire transfer needs 100$ minimum to transfer in bank account..

you can set a loop hole to earn more money if you want to know how than read this article..

my earnings in 3 weeks on adsterra the best ad network for blog and a alternative of Adsense..
adsterra earning proof

note:- if you have a daily 500 less traffic than must include all types of banner in header and in content...

    3. Propeller ads

this ads network is the best alternative of Adsense wait but you need 10k traffic monthly on your blog and a good alexa ranking..

we are new blogger that's why propeller ads provide a push ads and a direct links for new website.. 

this ads network provide high impression and pay per click.. 

i used this network but major issue is ads is not user friendly because he directs to other site in new tab that irritate the user and increase the bounce back rate...

but this network pay high cpm rate see my earnings....
propeller ads earnings

minimum payout is 5$ and wire transfer needs 100$.
best ads network

     4. Amazon buy and sale (affiliate program)

Amazon has it's affiliate program and also have a ads program which call Amazon native shopping ads.

this program is base on affiliate program. Amazon show content releted banner and user clicks on that banner and buy a product then you will get commission.

this program is better then third party advertisers because it is not irritating ads and creepy scripts.
Amazon affiliate earnings

earnings is based on the user purchase so that sometimes you get high earnings or sometime low its totally depends on the product.

its difficult when you will get low traffic or social media traffic because that's not organic user.

to get best results first gets organic traffic then the result of Amazon affiliate is shocking..


Popads is better when you have downloading site or normal blog with social media traffic then this ads network is best for you it gives you a mind blowing results..

when you have a blog with some organic traffic and you don't have to irritating the user then adsterra is the best ads network for you.

propellerads is gives best results when you have a good traffic and good alexa rank. so Summary is propellerads is the Average network because when you have good traffic then apply for Adsense. because Adsense is the father of all Adsnetwork.

Amazon affiliate ads is better when you have decided to a perfect web that provides a best information without gives any interruption  and build a better relationship with user then use Amazon ads because its simple banner.

so this is the best sites for earn money by new blogs. i hope this was helpful for you. have a good day.