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2021 Best useful Apps under 0mb | top unique Application 


warning - all apps are non-Chinese and secure apps which are available in play store.

Android apps this word is now days very gained more popularity because of Android operating system. Sms Bomber app send 1000+ sms in Minute

 every smartphone user Find some unique best helpful Apps for day to day usage.

in this list all top unknown apps under 0mb is listed some apps are after upadate may be size little bit increased.

in this article we are Suggesting some best apps under omb unique and unseen apps for Android users.

apps made our life easier and more faster. Android users around the world highest compare to another operating system because of simplicity and a great Developers.

in our best apps list there is some unique apps that provides some best features in less size.

smaller size apps is take less space and give useful functionality to helping  user in day to day life. 

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note:- all apps available at google playstore and non harmful apps.Under 1mb apps 2021

let's start our Small size Android apps list 2021.

under 1mb apps list......

1. Shazam lite

2021 best apps under 0mb

App size:- 112kb

in some case you go to some where and listen some music and if you like that song and you want to know the name of song. artist name or lyrics than this app is most useful for you.

just open app and activate that after app scanning the music it will find the name of the song and other details regarding to the song.

i know this app is most helpfull for you and this app is less use space that's why this app is best.

most people love this app.

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 2. Easy Screen Recorder

Easy screen recoder nil jadav

App size:- 1000kb

Many people use screen recorder for daily usage for recording tutorial , teaching , gamers use for stream , Content creators and many other reasons to record a mobile screen.

This smallest size screen recorder is most helpful and a complete package in small size.

fully featured app with less size im sure that you will install and use thia app.

most people use higher size screen recorder but use this free small size screen recorder for better results without wasting memory.

3. Draw15

Under 1mb apps

App size:- 154kb

draw15 is useful app for those people who create some pics or drawings for many purposes.

many people use this smallest drawing app for many usages and this 150kb app is some unique features.

must try this app this useful app is not take much space.


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4. Dolphin Zero incognito Browser

app size:- 178kb

atleast 1time we use browsers for surfing website and some times we need privacy more secure place where nobody tracking us and a safe browsing.

then this browser app is best for safe private browsing because of no tracking and no background running script app.

this browser is provide a security and privacy. safe browsing smooth web surfing experience in small size this app is around 178kb but the features of this app is more Convenient than others.


5. Image Compressor Lite

best apps under 0mb

App size:- 700kb

under 0mb list this app is definitely on our list because of the feature in small size.

this app compress Images and make images light weight.

high resolution photos take large size and this app compress size and make photos light without resolution drop.


6. Chess for Android

Under 1mb apps

App size:- 760kb

i know this is game i including this because of the size. 

this is the smallest chess game ever seen. graphic and interface of the app in this size is awesome. very classy good game in small size.

in case you are traveling or time passing then you can play this game because of size this app is definitely usable.


7.slim social

App size:- 133kb

Facebook clone app this best app under 0mb.

Facebook takes large space in our device because of that mang low spec's device lagging sometimes.

then this app gives you a facebook experience in 133kb.

must use this app is good.




App size:- 880kb

paid app gone free this app is well good for you must install and use this app.

you can download paid apps for free. this app provides paid apps free from playstore.

in this app lot's of paid apps listed that you can install and use for free.


Under 1mb apps Game.

9. fur-guardians

best apps under 0mb

App size:- 699kb

this game is remember our childhood. that day's are those days we play video games on tv and cd players.

this games graphic is good same like old games. size of this game is very less you must try this game in free time.

in this game you can create your own character and play the game. this interesting game comes with many modes and levels.



 10. internet Speed Meter Lite

Under 1mb apps

App size: 1mb

this App is most useful for you because it collect all internet data related reports by month and days.

it shows the data speed like meter in status bar or notification bar. you can track your data usage on this app.

must use this small app i bet you will like this .



11. word search 

word search game
  App size:- 1mb

word search is a game under 0mb. its a simple words finding game this will increase vocabulary.

for time pass this small game is very good.


11. Marker maze

Under 1mb apps

app size:- 900kb

this is maze game. mark path by marker and reach destination solve maze. simple and impressive puzzle game.

Under 1mb apps 2021



this is the list of some great app with 0 size. must try and give us review thanks.

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