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How to make status video

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- "how to make status video" or "how to make lyrical video" i will give you a full detailed information on this topic in this article.

- in this social media word status is a common thing that every social media user post on their accounts. everyone find unique status video for create a unique impression and find status on youtube, websites , apps, and other platforms but some people like you have to create your own made video status. i can help you in this article i will show you a way for creating a video for you
  • how to make video from photos  
  • how to make status video
  • how to make status video with lyrics
  • lyrical video maker
  • how to make lyrical video
  • status maker app or lyrical video maker app

📌 how to make video from images

- make video status from photos from smartphone in this topic there is two ways.
1. make video with status maker app  
- this process is a simple just install preinstalled photo template app. just select photos > select template >  select song and now App create a video in a minute after save video in gallery just as simple 

there is some apps
  • boo
  • status maker
  • college maker
  • viva show
2. edit and make a video from video editor.
 - this process is hard it take some time to learn editing the video. there is many videos on editing tutorials. beginner can easily learn editing.
- for making status video you need to learn crop,merge,text,animation,transaction and adding audio in the video app 

- google playstore have lots of video editor apps but i will suggest some of best apps
  • kinemaster
  • videoshow
  • viva video
  • youcut
  • Androvid
  • power director
- beginners can start with kinemaster & viva video for start editing.......
kinemaster video editing

📌 make video status

- make video status in short time for whatspp,insta or for youtube. simple way to create a vid is use videoediting app and edit the status.
1. chose background
2. chose audio
3. chose the length of video (suggest 30s)
4. add filter and effects 
5. add text and png images
6. export video

 - these steps are saw easy but it needs a some basic editing knowledge i will suggest you to first learn basic thing before start editing. watch tutorials from youtube is the easy way..

Apps for editing
  • Action director
  • adobe premire rush
  • Filmora go
  • open show
- use this popular Apps for advance editing. some extra useful features in this app is make this apps unique.....

📌how to make lyrical status video

- lyrical video status is trending now days here is a way to create lyrical video. there is 3 ways to make this to make lyrical vedio from instagram 
- you can make beautiful lyric video from instagram. i posted a article in depth on this topic read this article "How to make lyrical status from instagram"
how to make lyrics status video

2. create lyrical video by Apps
-many apps made a lyrical video in just few seconds just a problem is a watermark of this app if you are comfortable with water mark then go with those apps. i will suggest some apps that available in playstore

3. make lyrical video by editing
- in this way you can create your video on style by edit by yourself. many people do this because they need unique content. you can also make your own edit video just need basic editing knowledge and a perfect software.

- to make a lyrics video add lyric text as per song. use different lyrics different style text.

- set in and out animation on text.

- chose any one software and learn all the features of it this way you can master in any app. if you use multiple app in a beginner level then it's hard for you to learn editing

- i will suggest you to start with the kinemaster basic app.. after some time you are comfortable with app then you can purchase a pro version.

- kinemaster features
  • crop
  • merge
  • colour correction
  • filters
  • layers
  • audio editor
  • fast slow
  • transition
  • effects
  • Animation
  • croma key
  • vintage
  • blend
  • pro animation
  • multi layer
  • and lots more useful features are included

other useful apps
  • viva video
  • shotcut
  • filmora
  • action director
  • power director

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