ok full form - ok stands for - ok meaning - okay full form

 ok is a common word that we use daily but we don't know the real meaning of okay. in this article we know the real meaning of ok full form of ok and its history.

ok word is most second used word in the history. we also use many times in the day but the full form and history is more interesting. OK so lets start😆

ok full form

what is ok full form?

ok spelling is a English word. its a indication of perfection. ok meaning is All Correct or Oll Korrect or Objection Killed . okay word is use for many meanings like it's represent the satisfaction or perfection.  also in Social media we use thumb(👍)for Ok.thumb emoji is like OK Emoji.

various full form of ok

  • All Correct
  • All Clear
  • Objection Killed 
  • Okay
  • Oll Korrect
  • All right

ok means Acceptable. like father tell this is your cousin. son said OK this is Accepted. Ok means yess  this is Correct i Accept.

ex: are you fine?

ans:- yes i'm Ok

that means the person asked about his health or condition his answer is okay that mean object health is normal and he is fine.

ex: can you help me latter ?

ans:-  ok i will help you!

in this example someone ask for help for latter and the other person Answer him only ok that  means he will help him soon and help in anything means help in study or may be on cocking.....

okay-ok-o.k-okk this all the short form of Olla kalla means All Correct.

Ok full form hindi - okay meaning in hindi

 Ok full form is in English All Correct or Oll Korrect this is a sign of Approval.

Ok ka matlab sab sahi hai ya ha thik hai. ok is a common word that everyone use for a simple short answer.

 Ok History - Okay History

 according to Wikipedia Ok Word is American word that first print in paper 1839, 23 march in Boston Morning Post. wrote by Charles Gordon Greene, 

Ok Word is use for fun Charles Gordon use this word Oll korrect for fun After some time Ok word is famous and used word wide. 

What is the meaning of Okay?

this term is same like OK. basically there is no Difference between Ok And Okay this all are use for same purpose and meaning is also same.

Okay means Oll Korrect or All Correct. this is acceptable word. same like OK both meaning is same.

 where And How to use Ok.

 ok is short and simple way to accept the and end the conversation.


person A : hello how are you?

person B : i'm Ok!

person A : let's go there!

person B : okay let's go

After some time

person B: now i have to go my home so bye....

person A: Ok than Bye



Ok full form is All Correct. it use to short the Conversation, Ok is the Simple way to Accept anything.