Battle Royale games is the most loved games category. after games like pubg and freefire battle royale games demand is increasing. Now a new Star is ready to shine apex legends is now available...

Apex legends mobile beta

Apex Legends Mobile Beta Download Apk

Apex legends is a battle royale game. Apex legends is published by EA(electronic Arts) for Windows , playstations and x-box in 2019.

now Apex legends is available for Android and ios device.

Alex legends is same like pubg , freefire , cod and fortnight. apex legends battle royale game is much popular before launch. after pubg battle royale games has very popular.

apex legends is a battle royal open word Battle game, this online action has gained a hug popular and success in windows and playstations, after a big response now Apex legends is launching for mobiles for free.

EA now officially announced to launch apex legends mobile and also pre registration stared.

apex legends beta version testing is started. a limited users has allowed to play apex legends in short time it's available for all.

After a long time waiting finally Apex Legends is comming soon.

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Apex Legends mobile Launch date

Apex legends is committed to launch for mobiles. EA is not officially confirm launching date but there is a strong chances to launch in end of April or starting of may in first quarter.

pre registration and beta version is realised many beta users play & testing apex legends mobile beta version.

Apex Legends mobile apk download

Apex Legends is available for beta user only but you can still test the beta version app download by Given link.

Apex Legends mobile Apk

Apex legends mobile Features

  • Awesome graphics
  • Impressive sounds
  • Handy control
  • Cool characters
  • new maps
  • different modes
  • new weapons and skins
  • vehicles and tools
  • grandes and smokes
  • Many equipment and attechments
  • lot's more

Apex Legends mobile Size

Size of apex legends is not confirmed at this time but size is definitely around 2gb or less.

Size is depend on officially launched game. before its hard to confirm because battle royale games are heavy.

Apex legends mobile device requirment.

Battle Royale games are heavy they need powerful chipset to run smoothly.

  • 4gb ram minimum
  • 32gb storage
  • A efficient capable processor
  • hd+ display 
  • high refresh rate

lower device are capable to run apex legends but sometimes its lagy and glitchy.

 i hope this was helpful. please share if this was helpful. Thanks