→Acces mobile data in Airplane mode android trick using ssd code

introduction→ this is jadav Anil today i will show you use mobile data in airplane mode and injoy your moments without distrubion 

→you can use data only calls are not show
→to use this trick first radio data is on with ussd code (to do this read below)
→this trick helps you in gamming (gammers)
→you can turnoff easily
→this trick is not harm your device


- hello this trick is working in some devices and some devices may be not Functioning. 💯 Xiaomi device support this trick. for learn how to use mobile data in airplane mode read this article carefully don't skip any portion...

this trick is shocking your freinds. in airplane mode you can acces mobile data and calls not allow in this trick. by use this trick you must learn how to deactivate this trick or reverse this code. easily anyone can active this code and shocking people by show his mobile data in on in airplane mode

*follow this steps carefully*


 →open settig or status-bar and  set your phone in airplane mode
simple get back and go to step-2

note-in some condition you may be forget airplane mode you can set airplane mode via statusbar in step-2 and step-3


→second open dialler and  type this code *#*#3646#*#*



→now you see 3 option
1.phone info-1
2.phone info-2
3.wi-fi info
→now select  option 1).phone info-1

note→first check your phone is in airplane mode


→now you see many options but you don't change anything
→Just tap on mobile radio power and turn on it

Note→dont change anything in this field


→and last click on three dot or opinions or more
→click on enable data connection  turn it on

Note→dont click  any button in this field


→go back and check its working or not if any problems then contact me.

how to turn-off this trick →

→its very simple you just turn-off your airplane mode by open setting or status-bar😃 


→don't miss any steps and clear follow all insturction 
→type ssd code carefully
→do not change other setting in phone info
→if any problem or quetion you can contact us

All trick is esay and safe and you can contact us for any quries

😀Anil jadav
Thank you
credit:-Anil jadav

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