Calculator Lock Application

Calculator Lock App for Android | Calculator Gallery Vault 

 Now day's security and privacy is more important for everyone.

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 your Private data like photos , videos , files & Document Are important for you, if you want bto protect this then read this article

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if any one can use your phone then he can easily accessible to your data from file manager.

you need to hide your data.T

There is two ways to hide your data

in this article we use app for hiding data if you want to hide without using any app click on read more.

Calculator Lock - video lock & photo vault HideX

Calculator Lock Application

Size:  25mb   Version: 3.1     DOWNLOAD

Features :

  • privacy lock
  • calculator lock
  • photo & video safe vault
  • Protect using locker
  • disguise on home screen as a calculator
  • Built-in private image viewer, video player
  • Private browser to visit sites private and safe
  • Pin & pattern lock
  • easy backup
  • ads free

 How to use Calculator locker app

its is very semple anyone can easily Hide and access data without any knowledge.

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calculator Locker App

this Locker App Behaves like  Calculator  and After password match its Open your private locker vault.

the main Advantage of this app is no one knows about locker everyone thinks this app was a calculator but you are only you know this is Locker vault.

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photo & video vault

 in this app you have different photo and video vault you can hide photo & video using this secure vault.

also it has inbuilt photo and video player so when you want to see Photo and video then you can watch directly without unhide.

private browsing

in this app inbuilt private browsing feature, using this app you can search watch or browse any content without trace safely.

no one can track You, surf safe using this app

Easy Backup

This app provides easy backup facilities, when you want to backup your data in just one click you have your backup.

Conclusion :

This app is 💯 safe you can use this app to protect and hide your data from others.

i hope this was helpful for you. thanks